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          A380 - Environment

          A380 - Environment

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          When designing its A380, meeting the increasingly-important environmental standards for air transportation today and in the future was one of the highest priorities for Airbus.

          Embodying 30 years of Airbus experience in applying intelligent innovation to new products – the A380 leads the industry in terms of eco-efficiency.

          Greater capacity

          With the global population expected to increase dramatically by the year 2050, Airbus foresees a proportional increase in air travel passengers – potentially resulting in over nine billion people flying by this time.

          As the world’s largest and most efficient jetliner, it’s easy to see how the A380 alleviates traffic congestion at busy airports by transporting more passengers at the lowest costs on every flight.

          The A380 has the capacity to carry over 60% more passengers than its nearest competitor, which makes better use of a major airport’s most valuable and scarce asset: take-off and landing slots. With the A380, the needs of an ever-increasing number of passengers can be met without proportionally increasing the number of flights.


          To best meet the needs of customers and passengers while allowing unrestricted operations worldwide, Airbus implemented noise reduction design elements that include enhanced engine acoustic treatment and the optimisation of wing design.

          The Airbus A380 is the quietest wide-body jetliner flying today, generating 50 per cent less noise energy on departure than its nearest competitor, as well as three-to-four times less when landing. The A380 also meets the stringent requirements for operations at some of the world's most noise-sensitive airports: QC/2 for departures and QC/0.5 for arrivals – with a significant margin to accommodate future noise regulations, as well.

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