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          Solar arrays, power conversion and processing

          Solar arrays, power conversion and processing

          Airbus empowers customers' missions

          As a leading European manufacturer?of power solutions, Airbus has vast experience in providing turnkey solar arrays, photovoltaic assemblies and solar cell assemblies for institutional and commercial applications. The company also offers a full range of electronics - including power control units, power processing units for electric propulsion and electric power conditioners.

          Airbus Defence And Space Solar Arrays

          • From single units to mass production; all applications, environments and configurations at the level of turn-key solar arrays, photo voltaic assembly and solar cells assembly
          • Proven heritage: Airbus' solar arrays have powered space flight for over 40 years in over 300 programs
          • One-stop shop: mitigates customers' supply chain risk since all key solar array competences are “in-house”.

          Discover Airbus'?Solar Array solutions.

          Power conditioning and distribution units

          • Unregulated power subsystems for low-Earth orbit missions
          • Modular design: easy combination of qualified modules to suit customer needs
          • More than 90 units delivered


          Airbus’ modular power conditioning and distribution units are designed for missions in low Earth orbit.

          Electric propulsion electronics

          • Gridded Ion Thrusters (GIT)
          • Hall Effect Thrusters (HET)
          • HEMP
          • T6 Ion Thruster


          A digital rendering of Airbus’ Elektro power processing unit (PPU) for hall effect thrusters.

          Power converters

          Electrical power conditioner: HECO HD40

          High efficiency power converter for:

          • 60-90 WRF GaN Solid State Power Amplifier
          • Low Noise Amplifier

          Large series production capability e.g. EPC for SSPA

          Main application fields:

          • S, L, C-band SSPA for SatCom and GNSS applications
          • Any 60-90 WRF power GaN SSPA
          A close-up view of an 60-90 WRF GaN solid state power amplifier for space applications.

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